The research and art project „Wearable Theatre. The Art of Immersive Storytelling“ conducted by the St. Pölten UAS is investigating “Virtual Reality” (VR) for its dramatic, narrative und structural potential. An interdisciplinary team is exploring the connections between

art and technology

immersion and empathy

virtual reality and literature

over a period of three years by means of an experimental research lab.

XChange Reality! Wearable Theatre – Immersive Storytelling and Theatrical VR (Anaglyph 3D Teaser)

The aim is to make the 360° VR medium accessible and utilizable as an experiential form for literary material. Existential atmospheric first-person narrative works have been chosen as the initiating point of the research. The perspectives of the selected narratives are combined with aesthetic variables, utilizing the visual, acoustic and atmospheric potential of 360° VR.
The project leaders are Markus Wintersberger (St. Pölten UAS, Research Group Media Creation) and Marcus Josef Weiss (Open Acting Academy – Conservatory for Acting Vienna).


… can be understood to be an innovative think-tank and conceptual space for action. It conducts artistic research in a complex, multifaceted amalgam of different disciplines, challenges conventions in media perception, and deliberately renounces content driven production processes.




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