VR Story


„The creation of specific narrative patterns for VR experience is a field of unexplored potential for authors or directors, and the literariness of VR content will orient itself towards novels than with drama.“
Marcus Josef Weiss



  • The 360° stage version examines the dramatic potential of spatial interaction.
  • The protagonist’s tightly wound mainspring gains expressiveness (potentially), when the character Johannes Clamans – male in the original context – is reconceived as a female character.
  • We call her: Johanna Clamans, a former star attorney in Paris, living at the Place Saint Michel, after a traumatic experience which destroyed her perfectly staged, bourgeois self-perception she takes cover in a high-class brothel, aiming to follow her new mission: to uncover double moral standards. A character with unusual and very high potential for conflict.
  • The inexcusable nature of one’s own guilt and the chosen mechanism of self-humiliation imposed in order to avoid the reflection of the delusional, narcissistic male world, seems to me to be a fascinating and surprising idea, which lends many areas of the story an interesting topicality, without affecting its content or emotional expressiveness.




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